Inspiration, Education & Support for Vibrant Living.

Transforming Trauma to Triumph.


Embracing the wild ride of mom-life with love, learning, laughs – and of course FOOD – there’s always got to be food!

Especially for this Weight Watchers, sugar & gluten-free mama…being healthy isn’t about being perfect, but it sure is about being joyful!


Transfering my passion for teaching and learning from 13 years in public education to delivering  self care, wellness, and personal development to women.

The end-goal – build and run a school… the next two decades are committed to  research and development.


Seeking understanding and acceptance as I live with complex PTSD and transform trauma into triumph.  

My childhood trauma of witnessing my mother’s murder, adult trauma of infertility and navigating parenting a child with a genetic disorder – all fueling my intense focus on living my best life – today.

Welcome to MamasMomentum!  I am honored that you are here.

I’m Robin Richards; founder and leader of this movement towards growing more love, health, and abundance to create a more vibrant future.

My soul mission has always been to activate the fullest growth potential in others.   After filling this mission through teaching and administration in public education for 13 years, I felt called to create a change.

Perhaps it was the IVF miracle baby that I was blessed with, or outliving my biological mother when I turned 34, whatever it was – I knew I needed to evolve.

My evolution requires focused healing of my complex PTSD while growing a vibrant life as a mom and #alwaysateacher – hence… MamasMomentum.

This site serves as my platform for sharing my passion for teaching and learning as a Mama, an Educator and a Survivor.

Writing my blog, leading workshops, and providing coaching and consulting services – all part of living my dream of being a vibrant mama while inspiring others as they work to live their dreams.

Thank you for being here.  

Namaste :)Robin

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