Sometimes I choose to attend my hot yoga class without my glasses or eye-tacks to correct my vision.  (My 2.5-year-old calls contacts “eye-tacks” and so shall I…)  It always amazes me how having the experience of practicing yoga with blurred vision helps me remember and appreciate the clarity and increased balance that my glasses and “eye-tacks” provide.  

Just as I use tools to correct my vision and they provide me with clarity and balance, I use tools in my daily life that help support me with having clear vision to make and meet goals.

As it is the start of a new year – goal-setting mode is in full swing everywhere I look.  It feels comfortable to me, because in my fierce healing I leverage a continuous goal-setting mode to collect data and measure progress.  

As both a mathematics major in my undergrad, and a 16-year Weight Watchers member (and now leader), I can attest to data being essential to live a healthy, happy life.  When I am tracking my weight and the food that I eat by using the amazing tools and support that Weight Watchers provides, I am on track (pun intended!).

When I am using a calendar and notes to track social events, spending, exercise, intentions, gratitudes – you name it, I am on track.

Sometimes just like I enjoy an occasional yoga practice with blurred vision, I enjoy goal-setting without a planner.  But in the end, in order to get clear – I get out a planner.  Or two… or three this year.  (2018 is the prime of my life, so I needed a prime number of planners).  

Thank you planner.  You help me creating clarity, even when my vision is blurry.