One thing that I have learned from years of teaching, coaching, and consulting is that making habits takes time.  And that time is approximately 4 weeks.

Some say it only takes 21 days to make a habit, but I challenge that.  From my experience, the first 21 days are the most challenging and critical to establishing a new habit.  But it is the fourth week that solidifies that habit as part of your routine – you need an ‘easy’ week to build your momentum and mindset.

My favorite healthy habit that I have established with 4-weeks of focus and tracking (and then extending into creating as part of my NEW NORMAL… but more on that once we get this habit thing down), has been – Lemon Water.  

I decided that I wanted to make drinking a pint of water with fresh-squeezed lemon in it each morning, part of my daily morning routine.  Therefore I needed to make it into a daily habit.

Have you heard the phrase, “A failure to plan is a plan to fail”?  Well – #truth.

This truth means that if you want to actually create a daily habit, you must PLAN for it.  

So it’s not enough to say, “My habit to build is drinking a pint of water with fresh-squeezed lemon in it each morning.”  I must also establish my PLAN for how I am going to support this focus.

For my lemon water commitment, this meant me planning and writing down (seriously start writing if you have stopped…more on the manifesting advantages of writing in the future):

I will support this focus by…

  1. Getting a bag of lemons each week at Sams Club
  2. Locating my lemon juicer and seed catcher
  3. Setting out a lemon, pint glass, juicing tools, cutting board and knife each evening

Once the planning is in place, it’s time to track.  

Though habit-making as a spectator event would be ideal, most things worth having in life are work – so get that in your head and get going!  Start implementing your plan and track the days that you complete your habit.

Each day you place a check, or a sticker to track your accomplishment – you are building your belief in yourself, your evidence of success, and your habit!

If you want to further solidify your habit-making-momentum (and bring more joy to your daily living), sandwich your habit-tracking with a DAILY GRATITUDE and REFLECTION.

Let me support you on your habit-creating journey!  Use this Free Tool – MamasMomentum Making-A-Habit 4 Week Tracker – to track your habit, or to spark an idea to create your personalized way of habit-tracking.

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MamasMomentum Making a Habit Tracker