Living vibrantly means transforming energy.  When faced with a daunting, or worse yet- an exhausting task, figure out a way to plug a little fun in.  That’s the motivation bringing this air fryer clean & healthy recipe for some Friday fun.

I’m doing just that with the task of feeding my family with food that is as clean & healthy as possible, while keeping Mama happy (meaning easy to make AND to clean up).

Introducing… AIR FRYER FRIYAY to kick off weekly Friday Fun posts on MamasMomentum!

Each week I’ll post an air fryer recipe with pictures from my kitchen and feedback for future attempts.  Some weeks I’ll try recipes from other websites, but my focus is to create new recipes each week that I test the week before in my kitchen.

Weight Watchers Smart Points will be included in my recipes because that is my lifestyle- I’ve lost (and kept off) 55 pounds with the possibility of losing a few more as I increase my overall wellness.

I have big dreams…all focused on spreading health, wellness and love – and this includes a ‘MamasMomentum – healthy, clean & easy cooking’ cookbook.  And no better way to start building a cookbook than to challenge myself to weekly posts.

Here’s the back story that makes it even more meant to be-

When listening to one of my favorite podcasts, Happy Vibrant Women, I learned about another vibrant mama – Gina.  Check out episode 105 with Gina here.

I was so moved by Jen & Gina’s interview that I not only reached out to Gina to connect over a happy hour in a few weeks (she lives in the Twin Cities just like me!),  I knew I couldn’t go wrong taking her advice and buying the air fryer that  she recommended in the podcast.

Now that the air fryer has arrived!  It’s time to share my first recipe!

MamasMomentum – Air Fryer – Fry Medley

Serves 2-people (a very hefty serving of fries)

4 SmartPoints per Serving (Weight Watchers)


  • ½  large sweet potato – sliced into ‘fries’ – (3sp)
  • 1 medium white potato – sliced into ‘fries’ (4sp)
  • ½ yellow onion – sliced into ‘fries’ (0sp)
  • Spritz of olive oil from oil sprayer (0sp)
  • Salt & Pepper to taste


  1. Clean & Chop the potatoes and onions.
  2. Spritz oil in the air fryer basket, place chopped veg in single layer in basket and spritz oil.
  3. Fry at 400℉, for a TOTAL of 20 minutes.  Shaking the air fryer basket halfway through to ensure crisp cooking.

The fried onions get really crispy and are not really visible in the pictures – but they’re there and they add a delicious extra crunch to the fries!

Bonus Tip!  With three minutes left, toss some hot  dogs in the fryer to complete your meal.

I served this on a night that my husband has a ‘Daddy Day’.  We like to give each other one night each work week to invest in self care.

Self care and personal development are essential for every person to live a vibrant life – this was a huge a-ha for me as I worked on my healing and living vibrantly.  Just as I need me-time to recharge and remember who I am beyond being a ‘mom’, my husband needs the same for himself.

So while my daughter, Rowen, and I were dining for two – I designed this meal to fill us both up without leftovers (the meal is on the higher Smart Point end, so I prefer not to have it for more than one meal) and only the air fryer to clean.  Win-Win!

This is how our delicious plated-meal turned out!  It was great

I had salad (0 sp) ready with my favorite Bolthouse Farms Cucumber Ranch Salad dressing(5 Tbsp = 3sp).

The cherry tomatoes were upon request by my daughter who eats them like candy (#momwin).

Hot dog (6sp), Bun (5sp), Ketchup (1sp), Mustard (0sp).  Total meal = 19sp.  As I mentioned, a higher-pointed meal – but one that I really craved and enjoyed!  In the past and future I enjoy this type of meal without the bun to lower the points and the overall processed-ness.

Read my blog post, Transforming Fear to Excitement, to learn how transforming energy has emerged for me on my fierce healing journey.  

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Please comment below with any of your feedback – but especially if you have an air fryer recipe to share or a desire for me to create and share!  We are in this together!

Namaste .  :)Robin