In the next three months, I am choosing to document my process – my process of vibrant living.

When MamasMomentum began unfolding, my focus was on healing wounds of my past.  The complex PTSD that I live with had become crippling and I needed to be seen and heard, and most importantly – LOVED – beyond my ‘crazy’.  

The truth is, I am nowhere near ‘done’ healing – but I am shifting into telling the story of how I am living my incredible life, which is part of the healing, but more importantly – part of my growth.

Healing, health, wellness, personal development, self care – all a continuous focus on improvement and maximizing the infinite growth potential that exists within me (and within you).

So as I work towards continual growth – I continue to focus on DOING.  (For as Yoda said – “do or do not, there is no try.” Star Wars isn’t my jam, by Yoda-isms sure are!)  For me, doing means documenting how I go about living a vibrant life over the next three months.

This is what my planning sessions for vibrant living are looking like late night in my living room:

…Back to the three months as a chunk of time.  I am super excited about it!

First, that is a quarter of a year – which seems appropriate and kind of fancy… MamasMomentum Quarterly Report – due 8.1.18.  

And what an INCREDIBLY AMAZING date to pick!  8.1.18! …that may seem silly to you, but to me that is a significant date.  It is my ninth wedding anniversary, and as you follow my journey – you will learn that I am a nerd in oh-so-many ways. 🙂

One major way – I am a lover of numbers – which supported my incredible 13-year-career in education, which focused on serving as a high school and middle school math teacher and instructional coach.

My love of numbers also spurred my desire to get married on 8.1.09… because 8+1=9.  And you betcha (not a native Minnesotan, but always going to embrace the place I call home) that I quickly figured out that our Ninth wedding anniversary would be on 8.1.18*!

[*NERD ALERT – totally a nerd rant just for the fun of it!…which is so cool because 8+1=9 and 1+8=9…which is actually the Commutative Property of Addition… told you I was a nerd!…  But the really coolest part is that 8.1.18 is palindromic and therefore ‘balanced’ being the same forward and backwards – like “racecar” or “hannah”. Well, this year 8.1.18 falls on a Wednesday – which some may view as ‘hump day’ or the ‘center/balanced’ day of the week, and palindromes are super balanced – so it is pretty incredible!… okay, so I’m a dork too… all part of my incredibly blessed, joyful, vibrant life.]

So you get it… I’m a nerd, and the next three months are focused on documenting my process of vibrant living.

To break it down further – because let’s get SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely) about it – I am focusing on 17 specific tasks that when I do daily will leave me feeling vibrant and fulfilled.

In order to establish these 17 tasks, I leveraged the research and development that I have been doing for MamasMomentum – Wellness Workshops.  

Wellness Workshops bring self care and personal development to your living room as you host your tribe for an evening or brunch of inspiration, education and support to live vibrantly.  

The first workshop that I have created and received incredible feedback on is Building the Foundation:  Wellness, Energy, Being.  Learn more about this workshop and other services from MamasMomentum here.

In this workshop, I cover the seven areas of wellness that are essential components of aging gracefully and living consciously.  The workshop also explores energy centers and the power of mindset – merging science with the holistic. Participants engage in foundational centering and visioning activities to create an experience that helps you tap into your unlocked potential and focus the direction of your wellness plan.

In Building the Foundation:  Wellness, Energy, Being, the seven areas of wellness that I cover are:  Environment, Social, Physical, Emotional, Vocational, Intellectual, and Spiritual.  

I took each of those areas and chose one word to describe how I want to BE in that area.  Then I took it another step and created tangible goals to complete. Here’s what it looked like:

And since ‘showing’ you a snippet of my journal is a little tricky… here’s what it looks like all professional-like:

7 Areas of Wellness Be this: Goals to Do:
Environment Clean Clear the clutter – garage sale
Social Supportive Family time, friend time, Mother’s Day
Physical Light One Spirit Medicine Reset/Cleanse
Emotional Relaxed Daily yoga & journaling
Vocational Sharing InstaStory – Weekly Blog
Intellectual Wealthy Read, Journal, Study – You are a Badass at Making Money
Spiritual Connected Journaling:  Affirmation, Gratitude, Intention, Prayer

Taking this list, I created 13 items to do daily to reach my goals.  I added in 4 more as part of a Mastery Program where I am receiving personal coaching myself.  

That makes for 17 (a prime number… which is so amazingly awesome!) daily tasks to work towards.  (BTW- if you are thinking of doing this yourself, I recommend no more than 2 or 3 tasks to start with…I’ve been at this development and goal-setting for over 20 years… I didn’t start with 17.)

Real-deal check-in:  It is 7:20am on May 1st, 2018 as I type this – and I am officially completed with seven out of the 17 tasks… so we are off to an excellent start!

More on what those 17 tasks are and how I created them in future blog posts… including how I structured them to flow with my day and enhance my energy, versus becoming “one more thing” that I “have to do”…I guess in this case, it would be 17 more things…

Also follow the daily journey in my Instagram Story and like my MamasMomentum Facebook page to catch any live videos/announcements!  

Have you ever set goals and measured your progress towards them?  I’d love to hear about it! Please comment below or email me at to grow ideas on goal setting and beyond to live vibrantly!

Namaste.  :)Robin