Dear Mama,

Happy May Mamas!

I was delighted to get some time to go to the local library sans my 3.75-year-old, which meant I had time to soak in the displays and fondle pages of some potential page-turners…

My delight furthered when I realized the display was set up for the monthly theme. And there it was big and bold “May is Mental Health Awareness Month”…ironic that just a week ago, I was diagnosed with a mental illness.

I’m 36.5-years old (and as a former high school math teacher- I pay A LOT of attention to numbers and detail), and have been seeing therapists and other mental health professionals since I was 5-years-old. None of them diagnosed me as what I just got diagnosed with –  bi-polar. Bi-polar I Effective Disorder to be precise…

Growing up I was labeled as “smart” and “emotional”.

Smart because I could do really well in school. (So well that I always brag that I started 5-year-old Kindergarten as a 4-year-old.) I was never the best in my class, but I always tried my best and had an excellent attitude of belief and ability.

I was also dubbed ‘emotional’ because of my sensitivity to, well…a lot of things. You see, I witnessed the violent murder of my mother just one month in Kindergarten, and I took death, and therefore life, very seriously.

Sometimes I speak cryptic – and this is an example…

No longer shall I dwell on the stories of my past, but they are critical components in the life that I am living and the healing that I am channeling to evolve the future for my baby and beyond.

I am going to be doing this in several ways.

First and foremost – I am minimalizing my life to focus on my core values.

Gratitude. Health. Spirituality.

Being a mom – specifically, a Stay-At-Home-Mom and caretaker to my family and property/possessions – that is my top priority. Keeping a clean house – making my bed. Baking gluten-free, sugar free snacks for my daughter and her friends… those are the important things that I choose to focus on. They are not tasks that illicit a huge paycheck or a direct return on investment, but they are tasks that bring me and those in my world – joy. And that is the best return that I can give, and the best investment that I can make.

In order to make these investments, and to help ease my need to goal-set and micromanage my life – I have created seven areas to focus on sharing throughout this month. As I love to listen to and tell stories, I will be using the seven areas to tell the stories of what I learn and love throughout the month.

Before I get started…

  • there is a reason there are seven goals.
  • this work aligns with my previous work developing seven areas of wellness and helping people create personal wellness plans to vision and live their most vibrant lives.
  • this is what I am called to do – live my best life and help inspire others – that’s you – to ignite your infinite growth potential, and get out there and live yours!

So here are my seven areas to tell stories for this season of my life….

  1. Minimalizing EnJoy!
  2. Self Care and Development
  3. Yoga
  4. Recovery – 12 Steps Beyond
  5. Mental Health Awareness
  6. Shopping for a School
  7. Becoming Christian

Stay tuned as I dive in to each of these areas as they emerge in my daily life and reflections.

For tonight, I sign off with a heartfelt note of courageous vulnerability –

#endthestigma #mentalhealthawareness

It is not easy living with a mental illness, but with love and understanding, it becomes more bearable.

With love and understanding,