In America, we claim to be the land of the free. Yet we are also known as having the majority of the population living unhealthy lifestyles and being classified as “unhealthy”.

I disagree that we can be the land of the free with so many unhealthy people.

Health is Freedom.

Health is freedom.

Health comes from the inside – with how we FEEL. We have to FEEL free.

I write this as a person who currently does not feel free. I am still in flux – out of balance.

My diagnosis of bipolar and medications are only a month out, and I am deep in my healing and processing.

One thing that I know – taking action on my wellness plan helps me feel empowered through education and keeps me busy… both good things.

So this week I am sharing 5 Things to Include in Your Personal Wellness Plan

Some background info – I was a teacher for 13 years and I was always fascinated with IEPs – (Individual Education Plans) and how they were utilized for Special Education students, but not for all.

Every child should have an Individual Education Plan

In my world – I believe everyone should have an Individual Education Plan and people should be celebrated for their differing-abilities instead of labeled with their disabilities….but that is part of my dream of building a school in a few decades…

So it is quite natural that as a personal development coach and consultant, I have developed and spoken about the concept of the personal wellness plan (PWP). This is a plan where you get to create for yourself and  include what you need to stay sane, to stay healthy, etc.

I have yet to create a template for this plan – but several of my recent talks have been based around that concept and I encouraged participants to use a journal to create their own plan.

As you work to create your PWP – know this… I believe that EVERYONE is worthy of taking time to figure out what their wellness plan should look like. I also believe that each person who creates a PWP should have someone to share it with – I’d love to be that person – share in the comments below or email it to me at

Here are the 5 things to include:

  1. Health Team Professionals- this is mental, physical, and spiritual advisors, doctors, trainers, etc
  2. Medications – allergies, current medications – doses, times, uses
  3. Support Network – may include members from Health Team Professionals but does not have to be anyone in any specific career – friends, family, neighbors, therapists, sponsors
  4. Wellness Plan – weekly plan – mental, physical, spiritual check-ins, affirmations
  5. Emergency Plan – what to do in the case of an emergency – medication, soothing, who to call, duration, treatment locations
Build your support network.

Now for my personal challenge – to complete this for myself. This is the process of me healing and recovering. And doing it by empowering myself with choices and action. No doctor is going to design my long-term care plan, I will. And I will ensure involving all of the professionals and my support network – this alone is proof, it truly takes a village.

One final exciting announcement coming soon to Twin Cities locals!  Tuesdays with Robin… from 7-8:30 pm, come sip, snack and share to get your personal development on. Come as you can. Come as you are. Donations accepted. Food/drink order at Local Roots expected. It starts in June. …so much momentum building, so much to be grateful for…