Dear Mama,

It is already June – wow how the days truly are long and the weeks/months/years fast! My plan this summer is to take it in and slow it down.

Though I was diagnosed with bipolar only a 40ish days ago – I have been living with it for 36ish years. The unmanageability of my condition during a manic episode is what led to my hospitilization and fervent work to find the correct team of professionals and medications to help me get to stable and hopefully, a new normal. (Insert all the prayers here.)

In the interim – this is not a fun ride. My body, mind, and spirit feel more out of whack than the worst cases of PMS (perhaps it is also the Hashimoto’s and perimenopause that I live with now) that I have experienced as well as the crazy hormones from IVF and beyond… and yet life goes on.

So this week – I continued. Continued being the best me for right now, and that just has to be enough.

Sometimes it is moment by emotional moment – to remember that I am balancing, I am healing, I am loved. And sometimes I am really, really sad.

The sadness is not me. The medication is not me – but it will eventually help me get back to me. And even in these times of flux – life goes on.

Even in all of this, I push on – I hosted the first Tuesdays with Robin – and the topic of Happiness (that’s right – especially in the struggle I talk my truth… everyone has infinite growth potential and emotions are always accessible with enough education and practice).

It was a HUGE success!

(I hope you can join us any Tuesday from 7-8:30pm at Local Roots in Richfield, MN for the next one!)

5 people gathered with me to fuel our bodies and minds while connecting on health, wellness, and overall community. What a blessing.

And truth be told- especially during this extremely challenging and unstable time – EXACTLY what I needed. To be seen as a person of love, knowledge, energy, hope and inspiration. That is who I truly am, but sometimes forgotten in the labels that have been given me and the ‘roles’ that I used to fill which I believed defined me.

Though this post is not frilly and a little ‘off the beaten path’ – I have a powerful message that I want to give you this week – no matter what you are going through, no matter what season of life – push on.

Don’t break yourself. Don’t push past your limit – but push. You are stronger than you think.

And if you forget how truly strong and infinitely great you are – reach out, I’ll remind you.

With love and energy,